The Mysterious Universe of Jiri Kylian.

The long-awaited premiere of Jiri Kylian's ballet “Fallen Angels” took place at the Astana Ballet Theatre in April 2022. One of the most unusual opuses from the cycle of black and white ballets of the famous choreographer was staged in 1989, and sinc...


The Long-Awaited Premiers at the Astana Ballet Theater

November 2021 has been an unusually fruitful month for premieres. Only in the field of choreographic art, the premieres of four bright ballets took place within one week gap. This is the colorful "Romance of a Rosebud and a Moth", presented by the Ka...


A Poem about Love. Premiere of the Ballet "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" at the Astana Ballet Theater

Following its traditions, "Astana Ballet" has completed its eighth season with the premiere, the play "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" based on the Kazakh legend. The theater continues to follow the chosen strategy - to form a repertoire of different coun...


Dance, dance, dance: Program of the Mariinsky Theater premieres

“Dance, dance, dance” - this is the program presented to the audience on the fourth day of the festival. And this title accurately reflected the creative credo of the project's headliners.


From romantic ballet to contemporary dance

The Japanese International Ballet Company (JIBC) is very young and performs for the first time in Kazakhstan. Paradoxically, in the country of the rising sun, with all the richness and development of culture and art, there is no national professional...