About the theatre

Astana Ballet Theater was founded in 2012 at the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The first performance of the Theater took place in July 2013 and it became clear immediately: the audience accepted the theater and fell in love. Today the team has thousands of fans not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

The unique multi-genre repertoire of the Theater is constantly replenished with masterpieces of world and national classics, original choreographic performances. The main stage on which the company perfoms is "THE ASTANA BALLET THEATER", which opened in December 2016. 

The total area of ​​the theater is 15.467 m². The auditorium has 783 seats (the stalls for 609 seats, 2nd balcony tier for 104 seats, 3rd balcony tier for 70 seats). The stage area, which meets all modern standards of theater space organization is 536 m². The stage complex together with the proscenium, backstage and side stages is more than 1000 m². Orchestra pit is designed for 50-60 musicians.

The latest technologies of mobile and lifting-lowering mechanics are used for scene transformation. The lighting complex includes traditional theatrical devices and systems, as well as the latest innovative developments in this field. About 800 light devices allow to provide high quality of art lighting.

The theater has 2 rehearsal rooms, their area corresponds to the stage area, which is very convenient in the process of creating new performances.

The possibilities of the scene of "Astana Ballet" Theater open up space for embodiment of the most daring and original ideas for producers and stage designers.