"Walpurgis Night" at the Astana Ballet

On March 12-13, the “Walpurgis Night” returns to the stage of the “Astana Ballet” Theater, staged by the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Heorhii Kovtun. The one-act ballet, in which the characters of the myths of Ancient Greece will come to...


"Astana Ballet" is preparing a gala concert in honor of March 8

On the eve of International Women's Day, the “Astana Ballet” Theater presents a grand gala concert with the participation of Kazakh ballet stars. On March 6 and 7, viewers will be able to enjoy masterpieces of the classical choreography and modern cu...


The “Astana Ballet” Theater: What to see in February

The February playbill of the metropolitan theater "Astana Ballet" is full of a variety of performances for any taste. Until the end of the month, the collective will present several programs, which will include both classical and neoclassical, as wel...


“The Nutcracker”, that blurs borders

On January 29, on the stage of the “Astana Ballet” Theater, one of the most famous ballets in the whole world, “The Nutcracker”, to the music of the famous composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, was shown. The title roles that evening were performed by artists...


The artistic director of the “Astana Ballet” Theater has been appointed

Nurlan Kanetov, the Honored Artist of Russia and Tatarstan, ex-dean of the faculty of the choreography of KazNAC, has been appointed to the post of artistic director of the “Astana Ballet” Theater.


Soloists of the Mariinsky Theater on the stage of the “Astana Ballet”

On January 29 and 30, the “Astana Ballet” Theater will show one of the most famous ballets in the whole world – “The Nutcracker” to the music of P. Tchaikovsky and choreography by Vasily Vainonen. On the first day of the performance, the actors of th...


The “Astana Ballet” Theater announced the launch of its own streaming platform

The capital's theater is preparing to present the first theater streaming service in Kazakhstan with the ability to view performances in 360 degrees - "AB-MEDIA". The presentation of the new platform will take place at the “Astana Ballet” Theater on...


The employees of the “Astana Ballet” theater were awarded honorary medals day before Independence Day

On the eve of Independence Day, on December 14, a ceremonial awarding of state awards to Kazakhstani cultural workers took place. Dyussembay Mussabekov, deputy director of the “Astana Ballet” theater, was awarded the "Enbek ardageri" (Labor Veteran)...


Playbill of events for December at the “Astana Ballet” Theater

The “Astana Ballet” Theater presented its December playbill of events, which included performances and concert programs traditional for winter holidays.