The second release of the project "On Stage\Online"

The guest of the second release was the honored worker of Kazakhstan, the choreographer of the “Astana Ballet” Theater Aigul Tati. In an interview with the host, the choreographer talked about the process of creating a national style of the theater,...


Excursion around the “Astana Ballet” Theatre is now available online

The “Astana Ballet” Theatre, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is launching a series of online tours of the theater and its history. The project is called “On Stage / Online”, it will tell viewers about the development of high a...


Congratulations on Victory Day from the collective  of the “Astana Ballet” Theatre 

With deep respect, we thank our veterans and everyone who worked in the rear. Thanks to them for the peace and freedom that they gave us. Let feats, bravery and courage inspire people, and the holiday leaves tears of happiness and touching joy in the...


The collective of the “Astana Ballet” Theatre sincerely congratulates Aktoty Rakhmetollaevna on her birthday

Today, the Minister of Culture and Sports, composer, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aktoty Rakhmetollaevna celebrates her birthday! 


Astana Ballet and Eurasian Ballet Festival are launching online performances

Starting from April 20th, the “Astana Ballet” theater, together with the Eurasian Dance Festival, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is launching an online broadcast of performances and gala conce...


''Astana Ballet'' Launches Special Project ''Theater Online''

While we are sitting within the four walls - the whole world fits in it. Theaters, museums and philharmonic societies went online, broadcasting their performances and excursions. “Astana Ballet” supported the initiative of its colleagues in the works...


Chronicles of quarantine: how the artists of the ''Astana Ballet'' Theatre cope with isolation

The coronavirus has changed the life of everyone, but few people are ready to submit to it. Although the theaters are closed, the ''Astana Ballet'' artists are not idle: they keep fit, study and look forward to new meetings with spectators.


World Theater Day

Dear spectator,  on this day, more than fifty years ago, around the world began to celebrate World Theater Day. This is a holiday for everyone: artists, directors, lighting technicians, and undoubtedly yours - millions of concerned spectators.