Rules for visiting "Astana Ballet" theater

We are glad to welcome you to our theatre!

By purchasing a ticket for performances, you agree to these Rules and agree to be bound by them in the building of the Theatre.

    All spectators, regardless of age, must have a separate ticket. Children under 7 years of age are not allowed for evening performances.


    A ticket cannot be exchanged or returned if the viewer comes late for the start of the performance. The full cost of the ticket is returned only in cases of cancellation, replacement or transfer of the performance to a later date.


    Changes in the cast cannot be the basis for refunding the ticket.


    The entrance of spectators to the theater begins an hour before the event starts.


    The entrance to the stalls is prohibited after the start of the performance. If you are late, as an exception and in the presence of available seats, you can see the first act on the balcony, and take seats indicated in the ticket during intermission. Also, there is an opportunity to watch a live broadcast from the stage at the monitors in the lobby.


    Performances are the intellectual property of the Theatre and directors. To ensure copyright, it is prohibited to produce video, film, photography and audio recording of the performance. During the performance, it is forbidden to use mobile communications and sound signals must be turned off.


    If you have a VIP ticket, you can use the services of the Champagne bar during intermission.


    For spectators with disabilities, the theater has special conditions. The theater can accommodate a certain number of guests in wheelchairs. To arrange a visit, we ask you to agree upon a visit to a specific performance before buying a ticket by calling: +77172 62-12-60.


    Dinner clothes are welcome.


    The administration will do everything possible to make your visit to the theater comfortable.

See you at our performances and concerts!