Ballet in 2 acts

Music - Adolf Adan
Choreography - Ricardo Amarante
Scenography and costumes - Rene Salazar
Choreographer Assistant - Kazbek Akhmedyarov

New facets of an old fantasy plot are open in the play. The spirituality and poetry of the ballet-legend, the top of romanticism, remain unchanged.

According to the legend recorded by Heinrich Heine, unmarried girls, betrayed by their beloved, turned into Willis. At night, leaving the graves, they take revenge for their ruined life. They attract into a death dance any man they meet.

For a young countrywoman Giselle, the world concluded in a beloved one collapses in an instant. Giselle could not put up with Count Albert’s deceit, she died and turned into a Willi. Repentant Albert comes to the cemetery. Imminent death by the Willis awaits him at the grave of Giselle, but her power of love and forgiveness changes the usual course of events, and the Count will remain alive with his heart forever regretting the lost love.

Premiered on - June 24, 2018, «Astana Ballet» Theater, Nur-Sultan

Duration 2 hours 10 minutes