The Legend of Turanga

One-act ballet

Composer - Kuat Shildebayev
Author of the libretto – Bakhyt Kairbekov
Choreographer-director - Anvara Sadykova
Choreographer-director’s Assistant – Maira Kadyrova
Set designer - Zhandos Omarov
Costume designer - Natalia Protasova
Lighting designers - Yevgeniy Tikhonin
Video graphics designer - Daniyar Ibrayev

The Kazakhs call the Turanga tree Zheltorangy - "nesting place of the wind" or "Turanga, that calls the wind". Many legends have appeared about this amazing tree, symbolizing the strength of the people during trials. A ballet about the confrontation between the world of people and nature appears on the stage of the theater. Turanga found the strength to resist the offensive of dunes, withstood, tempered, gained powerful roots that nourished her. The uninvited guests decided to cut down the tree, but a brave Youth stood up to protect Turanga. He died defending the beautiful Turanga, and she grieved for a long time, mourning her protector. Turanga's sad groans frightened the travelers. But over time, the pain subsided, proud and strong, she resigned herself to her loneliness. Turanga still resists the onslaught of sand, serves as a shady oasis for all travelers and rejoices in the singing of birds. Only to the steppe wind she believes her lingering songs, and he, listening to them, calms down and sways on her flexible branches ...

Was premiered on November 6-7, 2020, the “Astana Ballet” Theater, Nur-Sultan.

Duration - 34 min