Salomé and the Language of Love

Astana Ballet Theatre tour to Almaty! “Salomé” and “The Language of Love” at the Almaty Theatre.

The first part of the evening will feature the ballet “Salomé” based on the play by Oscar Wilde.

Music – Fazil Say  
Artistic concept and choreography – Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri

Stage Design and Costumes – Olga Shaishmelashvili
Libretto – Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri, Dilara Shomayeva
Lighting Design – Denis Solntsev
Assistant Choreographer – Aizhan Zhunissova

“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it” – this is how Oscar Wilde expressed the essence of human desires in one of his brilliant statements. His unexpected and shocking interpretation of the famous biblical story inspired the choreographer to create this performance.

“The Language of Love” – Choreographic variations on Abai’s poems.

Music – Renat Salavatov, Karl Jenkins, Khamit Shangaliyev
Libretto – Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Kairbekov
Choreography – Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri

Stage Design and Costumes – Gafura Kairbekova
Video Design – Natalia Ryblova

The production conveys the love of Abai’s poetry, filled with profound philosophical experiences and reflections, tenderness and sadness. “The Language of Love” is a picturesque and philosophical performance in terms of content, which has embodied many techniques, choreographic finds, with the help of which the fascinated balletmaster pays homage to the poetry of the classic of Kazakh literature. The ballet includes the following variations: Insight, Segiz Ayak, Seasons of the Year, Kozimnin Qarasy, Toy Bastar, Tatyana’s Letter, the Poet’s Prayer, Zhelsiz Tunde...

Premiere – July 2, 2016, Astana Ballet Theatre, Astana
Duration of the ballet is 30 minutes