“Romeo and Juliet”


“Romeo and Juliet” is a play written by William Shakespeare in the early 17th century.


The plot centers around two young lovers, Romeo Montecchi and Juliet Capulet, who come from warring families in Verona, Italy.


The tragedy occurs when a series of misunderstandings and impulsive decisions leads to a fatal confrontation between the families of Romeo and Juliet.

The love story of Romeo and Juliet eventually unites their warring families, emphasizing the destructive power of hatred and the enduring nature of love.


The play is known for its poetic language, eternal themes, and depiction of youthful passions and impulsive actions.

Prokofiev’s music conveys the subtlest psychological movements of the human soul, the richness of Shakespeare’s thought, the passion and drama of his first of the most perfect tragedies.