Premiere of the ballet "The Snow Queen"

Music – Radik Salimov
Choreographer, director, author of the libretto – Georgy Kovtun
Set designer, costume designer - Zlata Stoga
Lighting designer – Alexey Markov

The premiere of the performance "The Snow Queen" at Astana Ballet
, an enchanting performance based on the wonderful fairy tale of the same name by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, narrated by professional artists in the language of dance, will be accompanied by the theater's symphony orchestra under the direction of maestro Arman Urazgaliyev.
The vocabulary of modern choreography will tell a story familiar from childhood about the Snow Queen and the brave Gerda, in which good overcomes evil, where the viewer is convinced that real power is hidden in a loving heart. This is a story about true love and friendship, about how loyalty and a warm heart will help to melt the cold ice and break the evil spell.
By the power of the magical art of dance, images familiar from childhood come to life on the stage. They are recognizable, although they appear in a different frame: this ballet reveals new facets of fairy-tale characters, weaving a bright world of colors, music, movements into one magical canvas. This is the eternal and beautiful mystery of art.