Grand Premiere at the Astana Ballet Theatre – “Silk Road” ballet

Music: Arman Amar, Renat Gaissin, Vladimir Ivanoff, Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Author of the libretto: Bakhyt Kairbekov
Choreography: Mukaram Avakhri
Assistant Choreographer: Aizhan Zhunisova
Stage Designer: Askar Iskakov
Costume Designers: Assel Shalabayeva, Dina Buksikova 

Lighting designer: Robert Dautov
Video Designer: Nurlan Kerei

The forthcoming premiere of the two-act ballet “Silk Road” (Dance of Peace) at the Astana Ballet Theatre narrates about the creation of silk and its Great Road. This is a meditation ballet with an incredible hypnotic charm. The Silk Road is a symbol of inspiration and beauty, which regains its original Wisdom - humanity needs it to exchange goods, inventions, new technologies, and ideas. However, it can only exist in the space of peacefulness, when there is an opportunity to share the most precious things. The Silk Road is a path of dance, music, a mixture of styles and cultures. Well- honed graceful movements with bright, precise, and recognizable content and meaning will be presented on the stage of the theatre in accordance with the current thinking and a new aesthetic.

The idea of staging a ballet on a historical theme is implemented by the Private Foundation named “Foundation for the Development and Support of Ballet and National Dance” with the assistance of the general partner – “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC.

Premiere date: June 18 and 19, 2022.