“Ot Kyz”

The two-act ballet “Ot Kyz”. Honored Figure of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri choreographed the production, and the author of music for it is a composer, musician, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan Karina Abdullina.

The two-act production “Ot Kyz” in the national theme is dedicated to a mythological plot in which the bowman Mergen, deciding to prove his valiance, shoots at the Sun, and thereby plunges the world and all living things into darkness and cold. The whole country of Tall Grasses suffered from Mergen’s rashness, the young princess Ot Kyz disappeared, and a long winter came.

Realizing what he has done, Mergen seeks to correct it.

A two-act performance in the genre of fairy tale narration, framed by colorful scenery and costumes, with characters of Turkic mythology will immerse young and adult spectators in the unforgettable atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Composer – Karina Abdullina;

The author of the libretto – Bakhyt Kairbekov;

Choreographer – Mukaram Avakhri;

Stage Designer, Costume Designer – Aigerim Altybassarova;

Assistant stage designer – Askar Iskakov;

Assistant costume designer – Nataliya Protasova;

Lighting Designer – Denis Solntsev;

Video Artist – Nurlan Abishev;

The Musical Director of the production, Conductor – Arman Urazgaliyev.