Choreographic miniature


Music – Lisa Gerrard

Choreographer – Olzhas Makhanbetaliyev

The Musical Director of the production, Conductor – Arman Urazgaliyev

Costume Designer – Dariga Taishikova

Lighting Designer – Alexey Markov

Video Artist – Marat Sagadinov



About the ballet

This is the hypnotic performance “Nine” choreographed by Olzhas Makhanbetaliyev to the music by Lisa Gerrard. Choreographically, the ballet is created in the style of synthesis of several dance directions.

The solar system, which is the basis of life and the world creation, consists of nine planets. From the very origins of the world and humanity, numerical figures have also appeared: the number of planets, the number of people, the Fibonacci number, which is unsolved to this day, so, we are surrounded by numerical figures throughout our lives.

In the ballet “Nine”, passengers of the same transport, nine types of people, like nine elements move along the path of life as if representing a model of society. So, during this path we collect bright moments in order to live life in an instant at the end.

The matter of the connection of opposites is also considered in the ballet: yin and yang, like light and darkness, can not exist without each other.