Ethno Fashion Ballet

Tour of Astana Ballet to the Almaty Theatre.

Ethno Fashion Ballet is a fascinating performance with the participation of dancers of the Astana Ballet Theatre and the HasSak ethno-folk group, dedicated to the national costume, its history, development, and profound meanings.

The spectators will see not only excerpts from productions with stage national costumes, but will also have a chance to enjoy the musical works of the HasSak ethno-folk group, listen to information about the history of national costume and the creation of stage costumes in national themes from costume designers of the Astana Ballet Theatre Muslim Zhumagaliyev, Assel Shalabayeva, designer Aida Kaumenova, as well as from Bakhyt Kairbekov – the poet and the author of the libretto for the performances of Astana Ballet.

The evening will feature magnificent costumes from the productions on the theme of national choreography, as well as short performances from the Astana Ballet dancers.