The Arcana of Fate

One-act ballet
Authors and directors:
Music, libretto
- Karina Abdullina, Honoured figure of Kazakhstan
Choreographer - Mukaram Avakhri, Honoured figure of Kazakhstan

The Tarot cards are enigmatic, mysterious, and boundless, like the universe. The symbolism encoded in them is rooted in secret knowledge, revealed only to the initiated ones. This is a real treasure trove, concealing fundamental truths and great knowledge, which represent the key to the bottomless sources of wisdom of mankind on the way to self-understanding. For the past five centuries, the Tarot has intrigued and tempted historians, artists, poets, and now choreographers with its mystical and allegorical symbolism. The arcana system contains a colourful and comprehensive picture of the world; metaphorical images reveal the true human nature. “The Arcana of Fate” ballet consists of twenty-two fascinating separate stories framed in modern choreography, which come together to form a scenic whole.

The premier — November 27 - 28, 2021, the Theatre «Astana Ballet», Nur-Sultan