Outstanding premiere at Astana Ballet: “Touch the Light” ballet

On June 28 and 29, the outstanding premiere of the outgoing season will take place on the stage of the Astana Ballet Theatre – the ballet “Touch the Light” choreographed by Ilya Jivoy, the acclaimed inventor of unusual plastique in modern ballets. The main feature of the production is calligraphy by the most famous calligrapher of our time, Pokras Lampas. 
“Touch the Light” is a performance at the intersection of music, fashion, street art, calligraphy, and neoclassical dance, where 6 dancers, working to the limit of their abilities, tell a touching and daring story about inner light, about the soul, and how to find themselves in this world. The performance involves three couples of dancers, each with their own part, which emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of each dancer, creating a sophisticated and exciting action.
Choreographer Ilya Jivoy, known for his innovative projects in the world of ballet, continues to explore the boundaries of the possibilities of the human body and dance, combining them with advanced technologies in the production of “Touch the Light”. His works are distinguished by a unique style that combines elements of neoclassicism and modern dance techniques. 
“There is light inside each of us and this fire is given to us by the universe – it is an invaluable gift that can excite hearts, make destinies, and create magic. Whether it is just a small spark or an all-consuming flame, it does not matter at all if you decide to touch it...”, – says choreographer Ilya Jivoy.
The musical basis of the performance is the works by composer Philip Glass, which complement the visual and choreographic elements. Video designer Pokras Lampas brought his unique vision to the production: his work on the project included the creation of picturesque calligraphic elements that synchronize with the movements of ballet dancers and create a unique visual symphony. In addition, an important part of the visual design is the lighting by lighting designer Konstantin Binkin, who created a dynamic and immersive atmosphere. Costume designer Sonya Vartanyan has created unique costumes that integrate into the overall style of the production.  Costumes have become a significant part of the overall visual narrative, helping to convey the concept of inner light and self-discovery.
The ballet “Touch the Light” is a reflection of modern art, combining the best from the world of ballet, calligraphy, light and video design. The unique artwork leaves a deep impression and makes the audience take thought about their inner light and the path to themselves.
“We are always ready to experiment with new forms and genres, attracting the best specialists from all over the world to cooperate, creating new opportunities for self-expression and development of our performers. The new production is designed to surprise and inspire the spectators, showing that ballet is a lively and dynamic art. This project has become an excellent example of how different types of art and modern technologies can be integrated, creating something truly unique,” said Nurlan Kanetov, the artistic director of the theatre.
The premiere will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.