Ballet evening at Astana Ballet: Serenade and The Language of Love

On May 10 and 11, an evening of one-act ballets will take place at the Astana Ballet Theatre: the capital audience will watch the ballet “Serenade” by the American neoclassicist George Balanchine staged to the music of P. Tchaikovsky, and choreographic variations on Abai’s poems “The Language of Love” choreographed by Mukaram Abubakhrieva (Avakhri).

The first part will feature the acclaimed masterpiece of neoclassical choreography “Serenade” by George Balanchine staged to the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The theatre dreamed of having Balanchine’s masterpieces in its repertoire from the first days of its work, but the premiere of the ballet took place in 2017. “Serenade” is characterized by an exquisite and technically sophisticated choreography typical of the American choreographer’s style. Grace, precision of movement and emotional expressiveness are important in the performance of this ballet in order to convey the beauty and depth of the work and inspire the spectator to reflect on the beautiful things.

The choreographer himself did not like when his ballets were called plotless, he preferred to say “storyless” (without narration), indeed, the very subject of narration here is music “I think like a dancer, I think in ballet steps. I do not care about characters, plots, philosophy,” Balanchine said.

“Balanchine’s choreography is a good guideline for performers in cultivation of the taste, sense of style and proportion in the art of dance. A different way of expressing classical choreography appears in the minds of performers – the body speaks of the greatness of the classics, and simultaneously a certain play of freedom and spontaneity is always present in Balanchine’s choreography. There is no plot drama in this duality, but there is a plot. There is always a plot, but it is akin to a plot in music or in abstract painting,” Mukaram Avakhri believes.

In the second part of the evening, admirers of choreographic art will have a chance to enjoy the first production dedicated to the poetry of the great poet Abai – a colourful and philosophical play “The Language of Love” choreographed by Mukaram Abubakhrieva (Avakhri). The ballet is staged to music by contemporary composers – Renat Salavatov, Karl Jenkins, Khamit Shangaliyev and Husseinjon Izatiloev.

The production includes eight variations: Insight, Segiz Ayak, Seasons of the Year, Kozimnin Qarasy, Toy Bastar, Tatyana’s Letter, the Poet’s Prayer, Zhelsiz Tunde... In these eight variations, one can trace the earthly path of the creator: coming into the world and realizing the divine gift, connection with his native land, which gives strength, tender feelings for a woman, delight from the holiday and the search for a soul mate, awareness of loneliness and understanding of the infinity and boundlessness of love.

The production, filled with deep philosophical experiences and reflections, captures from the first movements, it uses a diverse, dynamic, and ­expressive choreographic vocabulary, many techniques, and choreographic finds.

The events will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.