The direction in the "Astana Ballet" was changed

Alexander Sovostyanov, ex-deputy director of external relations and marketing of the State Opera and Ballet Theater “Astana Opera”, was appointed to the position of the Director of the Astana Ballet Theater. The new direction today was presented by the Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbek Muhamediuly.

“The success of the theater depends not only on the performances, but also on the correct management”, said the head of department, representing the new director.

It should be noted that Alexander Sovostyanov held the post of the deputy director at the “Astana Opera” Theater since May 2013. Over the years, he worked at the media holding “Nur Media”, the television company “Era TV” (Seventh Channel), headed the “RDV”, which is part of the “Astana” television channel.

Having held the post of director of the ballet company “Astana Ballet” since January 2015, Valeriy Kuzembyaev has been appointed deputy director for general issues. We remind, that his career at the “Astana Ballet” Theater began in 2013 as a foreign relations manager, a year later he was appointed adviser to the director. For many years he worked in senior positions in the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR (1979-1987) and the Republic of Kazakhstan (2003-2007). He is a Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, a Knight of the Order "Kurmet", a member of the Union of Musicians of Kazakhstan. Valeriy Kuzembayeva’s work experience in the field of culture has more than 50 years. The Minister of Culture and Sport highly appreciated his achievements and significant contribution to the becoming and development of the “Astana Ballet” Theater.