Triumphant tour of Astana Ballet theater in Almaty

The Astana Ballet tour took place from April 7 to 16 at the Almaty Theatre. The program includes a concert by Maria Mudryak, performances “Salome”, “The Language of Love”, “Romeo and Juliet”, a performance by Ethno Fashion Ballet, and a show program “Melodic show”. Almaty residents greeted the artists with thunderous applause: the capital’s team won the hearts of residents of the cultural capital of Kazakhstan!

According to the theater director Alexander Sovostyanov, this is a kind of final exam for the theater, because everyone is somehow connected with this wonderful city.

“Without changing our traditions, we prepared a rich program, it was interesting, spectacular and I hope it truly melted the hearts of the audience. We are very glad that the touring performances found the right response from critics and audiences,” he added.

“Almaty residents look forward to the theater’s tours with anticipation, because they are used to it: artists will bring not just the best, but also something special - unique, bold, innovative. The program opened with a concert by Maria Mudryak. Now a mature, professional opera singer, she has not lost her liveliness of character and artistry, and this has made the public fall in love with her again. In addition to her masterpiece repertoire, I admired her magnificent work with the orchestra,” shared Lyudmila Makarenko, a columnist for Kazakhstan Pravda.

“The experimentalism of “Salome” is expressed in the extraordinary dynamics, minimalism and symbolism in the stage design; the choreographer creates unusually graphic multi-figure compositions that captivate the viewer with the beauty of the plasticity of modern dance,” noted Valeria Nedlina, musicologist.

“This time Astana Ballet exceeded all expectations. Such different events happened within one week! And this shows the theater’s desire to develop in different directions, to embrace an ever-increasing creative space, to be interesting not only to old-time music lovers and ballet lovers, but also to attract young people, to educate and captivate them into the magical world of theater, music and dance,” notes Flyura Musina, ballet critic.

“The new ballet “Romeo and Juliet” was a success in every sense: excellent scenography, bright, dynamic crowd scenes, duets piercing in intensity of emotions. And what deserves special appreciation are the unsurpassed artists: technical, artistic, youthfully daring, lively,” added Lyudmila Makarenko.

“The tour repertoire showed fruitful work in terms of the variety of genres of the presented repertoire and the performing skills of the artists. The theater’s focus on development and plastic experiments attracts new viewers and provides an opportunity for the development of the choreographic culture of Kazakhstan,” concluded Togzhan Moldalim, art manager of Qazaq Ballet Creative Lab.

The tour took place with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.