National Costume Day at the Astana Ballet Theater

On March 18, as part of the celebration of National Costume Day, Astana Ballet opened its doors to everyone who wanted to touch the beauty. At the open day, the capital's theater presented an incredibly beautiful event - a performance with the participation of ballet dancers in the theater hall, which immersed the audience in the atmosphere of Kazakh national traditions and customs.

“We organized an Open Day so that viewers could learn the history of the creation of national costumes and see the costumes themselves in detail. This is a great opportunity to see what is not visible from the auditorium - decorations, original embroidery and the artists up close who prepared a wonderful performance. We have many national performances and choreographic miniatures, and especially for this evening we have selected the best from our rich repertoire, which combines exceptional beauty and deep meaning. National Costume Day greatly contributes to the awakening of our patriotic feelings,” shared the artistic director of the theater Nurlan Kanetov.

The evening program included the best fragments from the concert program “Heritage of the Great Steppe”, which harmoniously combine ethnographic elements and modern choreographer solutions. Each choreographic miniature by the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigul Tati is a striking mini-performance with vivid images, interesting drama and memorable melodies. Thus, choreographic miniatures “Seasons”, “Arular”, “Kerbez sulu”, “Kuanamyn”, “Nurshashu”, “Ata tolgau”, “Uly dala”, “Otyrar”, “Asem konyr”, “Ak Zhol” were presented " and many others.

“Before the performance, the audience was able to enjoy the beauty of visual images and costumes that our ancestors wore as daily or special clothing, endowing each element with its own meaning and message. And the presented fragments from the national program made it possible to talk about dance traditions, as well as the history of the national costume and significant images in Kazakh culture. We are very glad that our guests liked this event,” said ballet dancer Mukhtarkhan Bolatkhan.

The event, dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz, took place with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.