“Astana Ballet” will congratulate the residents of the capital on the Nauryz holiday

On March 21, on the eve of the Nauryz holiday, the Astana Ballet Theater will present to the capital's audience the national divertissement “Heritage of the Great Steppe” staged by Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigul Tati. This is a unique program in the repertoire of the Astana Ballet theater, demonstrating the exceptional originality of Kazakh culture. It harmoniously combines ethnographic elements and modern choreographer solutions.

Aigul Tati sets herself the task of bringing the national dance to a new level of understanding: “I did not want to remain in the format of director’s techniques in which they staged before us. After all, before us there was a certain style of productions. I wanted to go beyond the framework of traditional Kazakh dance, create something new, dig deeper, look for new forms, somehow reveal our Kazakh individuality and flavor...”

The choreographic miniatures included in the program, embodied in different styles and using a variety of artistic techniques, demonstrate the history, rich traditions of the Kazakh people and the beauty of the vast nature of our homeland. Aesthetics, entertainment, richness of costumes, and semantic depth of Kazakh choreography evoke genuine delight among audiences all over the world.

“The folk-dance creativity of the Kazakhs has the richest traditions, reflecting the thoughts, feelings, and worldview of many generations of artistically sensitive people. In our theater we try to rely on a rich past, which has largely been preserved and carefully preserved, but at the same time we are looking for new ways to develop national plastic arts. I noticed that no matter what we perform, the body tends to store a certain characteristic national code. This cannot be explained in words, because it happens so naturally that it gives a subtle unique coloring to even the simplest movement,” shared choreographer Aigul Tati.

The tenderness of the female image and the militant characteristic presentation, the fast dynamics of movements in the male choreography in A. Tati’s productions captivate and delight. Using ethnographic elements and modern choreographer solutions in his dances, the choreographer creates a unique plastic pattern, identical to Kazakh ornaments, which carry deep historical and philosophical meanings.

The event will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.