Vitalino Carvalho Da Silva Weslley

In 2016 graduated from the Eliza Ballet Academy.

From 2016 to 2019, he was the coryphaeus of ballet in the Sarasota ballet troupe, where he performed in solo parts in the performances of F. Ashton, G.Balanchine, D. Bintley, N. de Valois, M. Graham, M. Petipa, J. Robbins, U Tuckett, E. Tudor, C. Wheldon and P. Wright.

In the troupe of the “Astana Ballet” Theater since 2019.

In the repertoire:

Concerto barocco (solo) - choreography by George Balanchine

Cinderella (Ceremonial Master) - choreography by Nadezhda Kalinina

Giselle (pas de six), Longing A Fuego Lento - choreography by Ricardo Amarante

The Nutcracker (Prince, Drosselmeyer) - choreography by Vasily Vainonen

Instinct - choreography by David Jonathan

Legend of Zhelturanga (eagle) - choreography by Anvara Sadykova

Arcana of Fate, The Silk Road - choreography by Mukaram Avakhri

Orpheus and Eurydice - choreography by Kristina Paulin

Also, the repertoire includes choreographic miniatures:

Triumph - choreography by Ainur Abilgazina


Silver Laureate of the Joinville Dance Festival, Brazil (2015);

Bronze winner of the international competition of ballet dancers Genet in Belgium (2014).