Riza Kanatkyzy

Leading soloist

Graduated from Almaty Ballet School named after A.V. Seleznev (class of L. Makartseva) in 2012

In the troupe of "Astana Ballet" Theater - since 2012.


Alem (Saruar) - choreography by Nikita Dmitrievsky;
Zhusan (Heavenly Gift), Carmen (Carmen in Red), Salome (Herodias) -choreography by Mukaram Avakhri;
Corsair - Lively garden (Medora) - choreography by Marius Petipa;
Cleopatra (Cleopatra) - choreography by Nikolay Markelov;
Giselle (Myrtha), Gaia, Love Fear Loss (second duet), Diversity, Touch of Illusion - choreography by Ricardo Amarante;
Serenade (third soloist) - choreography by George Balanchine;
Contrasts - choreography by Ruben Terranova;
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated - choreography by William Forsythe;
Nutcracker (Arabian doll) - choreography by Vasily Vainonen;

Repertoire also has choreographic miniatures:

Kyz Zhibek’s Dreams - choreography by Mukaram Avakhri;
Swan - choreography by Mikhail Fokin;
Bach - choreography by Ricardo Amarante;
Obsession - choreography by Nikolai Markelov.


Laureate of International Competitions of Choreographic Educational Institutions Orleu (Almaty, 2009 and 2011, first prizes);

Laureate of the International “Dance Olympus” Competition (Berlin, Germany, 2010, 1 prize);

Special prize "For the best performance of modern choreography" at the III International Ballet Competition (Astana, 2016),

Scholarship of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010).