The Evening of European Choreography

Choreographer-director: Kristina Paulin, Germany

Scenography: Otto Bubeniček, Germany

Music: Sergei Prokofiev, Edward William Elgar, George Frideric Handel, Davidson Giaconello

Costume Designer: Dennis Peschke, Germany

Stage Designer: Askar Iskakov

A choreographic interpretation of the myth of Ancient Greece in the neoclassical style with elements of modernity will be presented on the stage of the Astana Ballet Theatre. The basis of the plot goes back to the story of Orpheus, who lost his beloved Eurydice. This tragic love story has been of interest to people of art down the ages.

The story told by the director does not have a happy ending. Her Orpheus is a famous writer, and Eurydice, his beloved one, is his muse and a source of inspiration. In the ballet, the choreographer answers philosophical and spiritual questions about the meaning of life and the immortality of love and the soul, praises the sincerity of feelings, the supremacy of the power of love and art.  The performance opens with a retrospective: Orpheus dreams of the impossible in the monastery – to meet the deceased Eurydice again. The theme of separation and loss of a loved one will find a response in the heart of every spectator.

The stage costumes reflect the symbolism of this myth, and uneven mirror geometric images resembling mountains are used in the stage design. What is happening on stage will grip the attention of the audience with an interesting plot, will attract all attention to the powerful impulse that comes from the dancers.

One-act ballet “Falling Angels” at the Astana Ballet Theatre

A masterpiece of modern ballet: “Falling Angels” will be shown for the first time in the capital On April 1 and 2, the premiere of the one-act ballet “Falling Angels” will take place on the stage of the Astana Ballet Theatre. One of the most famous works of Czech choreographer Jiří Kylian, included in the program “Black and White Ballets”, which has been shown on the best stages of the world for more than 30 years, will be presented in the capital for the first time. Famous theatres compete for the right to include the performances by Kylian in their repertoire, and every dancer dreams of performing his choreography at least once.

The symbiosis of Jiří Kylian’s choreography and Stephen Reich’s drum composition resulted in a delightful flight of eight ballerinas. The choreographer himself says the following words about his ballet: “Falling Angels is a ballet about our profession.” It is worth noting that his work is distinguished by extraordinary musicality, monochrome aesthetics, and world-class level of performance. Kylian’s ballet is a whirlwind of emotions: it gives shivers from sensuality and amazing plasticity.