"Heritage of the Great Steppe" Astana Ballet in Almaty

The venue of the Astana Ballet tour: Almaty Theatre, Almaty, Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 30

Date of the event: May 14-15

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, without intermission

Age restriction: 5+

Additionally: *If your child is 5 years old or older, you need to purchase a separate ticket for him


Big tour of the Astana Ballet theater in Almaty. 

The Astana Ballet Ballet Company will perform a grand tour on the stage of the new ALMATY THEATRE.

On May 27- 28, 2022, the concert program "Heritage of the Great Steppe" will take place with the participation of the ethno-folklore ensemble "HasSak"


A gala concert "Heritage of the Great Steppe" staged by Honored Workers of Kazakhstan Mukaram Avakhri and Aigul Tati will be held, accompanied by the ethno-folklore ensemble "Hassak", which is represented by laureates of international and republican competitions, students and graduates of the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy.  

"Hassak" is an echo of modernity, synthesizing Kazakh traditional music and anthemic military saryns of the ancient Turks. The ensemble's repertoire includes favorite folk songs and forgotten kuis, which they revive.

"The Heritage of the Great Steppe" is a unique collection of dance miniatures, which harmoniously combines ethnographic material and modern choreography, but at the same time retains a sense of the character and unique originality of the national dance. Colorful choreographic works reflect the diverse philosophy of the worldview of the nomadic people. Aesthetics, entertainment and unique artistic images forever sink into the soul and delight viewers around the world.