Concert of the URKER music group accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Astana Ballet

As part of the X anniversary season of the Astana Ballet Theatre, a concert will become a unique collaboration between the Kazakhstani URKER group and the symphony orchestra of the theatre. The concert will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the legendary music group. High professionalism, live sound, powerful energy, and well-known hit songs in a new, symphonic, sound await the capital audience.

The music group, formed in the mid-90s, created by the all-time leader and author of all songs Aidos Sagat, is associated by most Kazakhstani people with the song “Nauryz”, which became the anthem of the spring festival of rebirth, as well as love lyrics “Zhanym”, “Makhabbat Ani”, “Saulemai”, “Assel”, “I will be there”, “Sen”, patriotic songs “Tugan Elim” and “My Kazakhstan”, and many other hit songs that have already become an integral part of our general history.

The idea to unite for the anniversary concert with the symphony orchestra of the Astana Ballet Theater is a natural development in the career of the URKER music group, since the symphonism of the Great Steppe and the beauty of our melodies were originally laid in their songs. Such collaborations of pop musicians with a classical orchestra traditionally spark great interest among the audience.