Tour of the Theater on Bronnaya in Kazakhstan

The play is performed by: Sergey Epishev, Olga Lapshina, Maria Shumakova, Lina Mirimskaya, Alexandra Vinogradova, Lina Veselkina, Andrey Subbotin, Sergey Kizas, Dmitry Guryanov, Dmitry Varshavsky, Alexander Nikulin, Vladimir Yavorsky and Dmitry Tsursky.

Age restriction: 12+ *If your child is 12 years old or older, you need to purchase a separate ticket for him

The plot of the play is a fantasy about what a Bat Man would do in the USSR, in the era of stagnation, if he was a Soviet citizen. The comic book hero lives in the USSR and hides under the guise of one of the millions of Soviet citizens, a modest writer Dudochkin. Under the cover of night, Tolya Dudochkin spreads his dark wings, punishes the villains of the stagnant Gotham City on his upgraded Zhiguli, protects ordinary Soviet people, wears flared jeans and, of course, finds his true love.