The French team Ruée des Arts with its sensational Costard performance is for the first time in Astana!

Every year, the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan organizes the season of cultural events Francophone Spring, and this year a truly grandiose performance will be presented to all admirers of theatrical art – the French team Ruée des Arts will perform with the sensational Costard production for the first time in Kazakhstan at the Astana Ballet Theatre.

The wish to stage this choreographic play arose from various meetings with people who live in the “world of suit” every day, as well as from reflections on the topic of social representation and the image of success that is associated with a suit. Costard is made of a series of stories on the theme of appearance and reproduces routes from the position of one’s attitude to the way one looks and from the angle of glances that we cast on others and ourselves.

The choreographic search of the director centers on a suit and the fabric which it is made of. Mixing this world with the choreography of city streets, choreographer Hafid Sour reshapes the codes. Powerful gestures of hip-hop style are enriched by the elegance of the bodies, and the movement becomes smooth and acquires poetic inspiration, creating a completely new body language among the dancers.

The event will also feature a one-act ballet “Salome” – a biblical story about the Judaic ruler’s stepdaughter, who tempted her stepfather with her dance of the “Seven Veils” and demanded the head of her beloved prophet in return. This is not a tragedy ballet, but a reflection about the most unchangeable things – about good and evil and the fine line between them.

“Salome” fascinates the audience with the intricacy of storylines, stunning plastique, and incredible acting. Throughout the entire action, the audience is enchanted by what is happening, continuously follows the switches of a complex action, and in the finale there is a long round of applause for the actors and creators of the performance, presenting this theatrical masterpiece on stage. The performance unexceptionally causes a sensation on the stages of the world and remains forever in the heart of every spectator.