Opening of the children's studio “Astana Ballet”

Dear citizens of Astana, we are glad to announce you about the opening of “Astana Ballet” children studio!

In this studio all the kids that are interested in improvement of their bodies, grace and their ballet skills can practice. Ballet classes for children include rhythmics, gymnastics, choreography, stretching, jumping elements and study of ballet positions. All the students of the studio will not only master basics of ballet art, but will also learn how to perform on stage.

Ballet practices for children contribute to integrated development of personality. Along with the improvement of physical and psycho-motor conditions such as endurance, strength, posture, flexibility, memory and ability to concentrate, ballet classes develop volitional qualities, the need for self-organization and discipline, make children more patient and responsible, often develop their best qualities and inoculates high aesthetic tastes and preferences.

If your kids are dreaming to practice ballet and you like to see your children beautiful, healthy, with good posture and graceful gait – then we are waiting for you!

Location: Astana city, the building of “Astana Ballet” theatre, 9 Uly Dala str.

Contacts: 8(7172)62-12-26; 8(701)698-26-09