The "Astana Ballet" Theatre goes on tour in Tashkent

The opening of the 7th theater season at the "Astana Ballet" Theater is a new page in the history of the capital’s theater, promising an amazing and magical year for both artists and our viewers. Ahead are delightful premieres, shows of ballets already beloved by the public and, of course, tours in the near countries and far abroad.

Tomorrow the company of the "Astana Ballet" Theater will be in hot and sunny Tashkent. For three days, the main stage of the Uzbek capital - the stage of the Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi - will host Kazakh artists.

The program of the tour is rich. On August 22, residents and guests of Tashkent will be able to get acquainted with the card of the Theater - the concert program "Heritage of the Great Steppe" and the one-act ballet "A Fuego Lento". On August 24 and 25, the cult production of Yuri Grigorovich - “Legend of Love” will be shown on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan.

The concert program “Heritage of the Great Steppe” includes choreographic miniatures of various stylistic orientations, glorifying female beauty, tenderness, and grace. The unique plastic pattern, laconicism and, at the same time, melodious poses of the performers, have attractive power, where the numbers are pearls of folk dance. This divertisement presents Kazakhstani dance art at a completely new, fresh, and modern level.

In the second section, the Tashkent public will get acquainted with the stunning energy performance of the Brazilian choreographer Ricardo Amarante - “A Fuego Lento”, which means “slow fire”. Artists embody the burning element of passion on stage, which encompasses a person when he discovers the first feelings of love and desire. "A Fuego Lento" is sensuality in every scene, dressed in seductive tango rhythms.

A completely different atmosphere will reign on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan during the days of the ballet Legend of Love. The plot of the imperious queen and unfortunate lovers has not left the world scenes for more than half a century: the Leningrad, and then the Moscow audience succumbed to the charm of the eastern legend. In Kazakhstan, “The Legend of Love” first appeared in the GATOB named after Abay, and a dozen years later, in a slightly updated version of the renowned choreographer, shone on the stage of the "Astana Ballet" Theater.

But before the artists - about 70 people - go to conquer the capital of Uzbekistan, all the services of the Theater have a lot of work to do. Over the course of a week, craftsmen updated costumes in the sewing workshop and packed them on a long journey - about 500 sets, including wigs, braids, hats, and shoes, are brought to Tashkent. A little less than 2000 km will have to overcome a truck weighing 5 tons in order to deliver the scenery of the ballet "Legend of Love" in the capital of Uzbekistan. And already there, on the stage of the theater, the specialists of the technical part will recreate the atmosphere of an ancient Persian legend

And now, in the walls of the Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan, beautiful girls will spin in a bewitching national dance, and from an open manuscript, one by one the characters of oriental legend will appear on the stage to tell their legend ...