Ballet dancers of the "Astana Ballet" had a catwalk on Kazakhstan Fashion Week


Fashion, music, and ballet are a “win-win” combination of art elements that can turn any event into a bright and unforgettable holiday. That is how the three days of Kazakhstan Fashion Week stood out last weekend at the "Astana Ballet" Theater.

The main fashion event of the year was replaced by the location - instead of boring and large palaces, more suitable for serious political and economic events, the organizers opted for the house of high art - the "Astana Ballet" Theater in the capital.



An elegant stage LED podium, a recreated ballerina's dressing room with a real make-up mirror filled the already luxurious theater interior with a special atmosphere. High ceilings, modern chandeliers, panoramic windows with stunning views of the Expo exhibition complex gave charm to the evening, and guests in their fashionable evening dress, sometimes even eccentric, only complemented the sophistication and sophistication of the long-awaited fashion event.


The organizers of Kazakhstan Fashion Week not only surprised their guests with a perfectly selected venue for the Week but also prepared many surprises. So, the first day of KFW was opened not by a famous model, as was previously accepted, but by ballet dancers. Leading soloists of the capital’s theater, Kazbek Akhmediyarov, and Tatyana Ten, danced a fragment from the romantic and at the same time tragic ballet of the guest choreographer Ricardo Amarante “Love Fear Loss”, which tells of unearthly love and the great loss of the world-famous singer Edith Piaf.



In addition, the prima ballerina of the "Astana Ballet", the leading soloist of the theater Riza Kanatkyzy, took part in the spring fashion collection of famous domestic and foreign designers. She walked the catwalk in a turquoise dress from Aida KaumeNova.



The second day of shows was no less interesting and rich in art. Soloists in national dresses demonstrated to the fashionable public all the beauty and elegance of Kazakh dance in one colorful fragment of a miniature, which is part of the concert program “Heritage of the Great Steppe”, the hallmark of the theater, with which the troupe performed on many famous stages of the world.



The third day of the shows was opened by the "Astana Ballet" ballerina, having easily and gracefully defiled on the podium on pointe shoes. The leading soloist of the theater, prima "Aizhan Mukatova" preferred professional shoes that were comfortable and expensive to her heart to traditional stilettos and did not fail, instantly winning all the attention of the public. And its fragility, a thin camp, and an incredibly beautiful gait turned into a coveted photo object for the glamorous “paparazzi”. Actually, like vivid fragments from the theater's productions.



Touching performances and non-standard atmospheric defile of ballerinas, according to the organizers themselves, will become a strong basis for the further friendship of the two arts and in the future, such collaborations will not be uncommon for fashion shows. 



As the deputy director of the "Astana Ballet" Theater Dyusembay Mussabekov noted, evaluating designer collections, the border between art and fashion is gradually blurring and becoming unsteady.

“Elementary, look, in life our ballet dancers walk in tutus, pointe shoes, shoppers, and now these shoppers wear all the clothes around the city. The same ballet shoes, now what kind of lady without ballet shoes can walk? That is, there is an interaction, mutual assistance between fashion and ballet, so I think this is a great celebration for all of us, ”he concluded.